Chip Rose is Director of The Mediation Center in Santa Cruz, CA and a certified as a Specialist in Family Law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. Chip maintains private practices in Mediation and Collaborative Family Law in Santa Cruz, California.

The Mediation Center has pioneered client-centered dispute resolution services in Santa Cruz County for three decades.   With its primary emphasis on divorce and family mediation for marriage and domestic partnerships, facilitative services are also available for creating constructive agreements prior to entering into a marriage or domestic partnership; entering into agreements to change the way that property is owned or finances are handled after marriage; establishing, modifying or terminating non-marital relationships; mediating post-divorce modifications of parenting, child and spousal support agreements.  Twenty-nine years of experience in mediation also includes mediation of business partnerships of any type, probate matters and the family dynamics regarding estates and estate planning, and a variety of experiences in civil and commercial litigation disputes. 

In the current economy professional and legal services need to be targeted, affordable and responsive to the needs of the clients.  That has been the policy of our mediation practice and it is one that makes it particularly appropriate for the times.

Working without any professional help and engaging in an all-out litigation war are two ends of the spectrum, neither of which is desirable by the vast majority of people.  I urge you to contact us to find out the wide range of services that can be used to solve any problem that is beyond the clients’ ability to do successfully and for which there are affordable solutions. 

Mediation can be used as a complete process for divorce or to create an agreement before marriage, and it can be used in components, as desired by the clients, to employ professional help to solve problems on an hourly basis, as the clients may desire.

When I began this work in 1980, I did so with the hope that it would provide me with an opportunity to bring my skills as a lawyer to the service of my clients in a process that was designed to help them succeed in resolving their problems, not engage in wasteful court procedures that damaged everyone in the end.  In encourage you to contact me by phone to find out more specifically how mediation can work in your circumstances.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you make that call.

                                                            Chip Rose, J.D.

                                                            Mediator and Collaborative Practitioner

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